We are a voluntary aided primary school and promote high academic standards. We are a Catholic school and provide a Catholic education for children of Catholic families. We are high achieving and because of this demand for places generally means that we are unable to accommodate everyone. Whilst we welcome applications for admission from all faiths and no faiths, it is fair to point out that we are usually oversubscribed by Catholic children and so it is very unlikely that a non-Catholic child will be offered a place.

The school's Governing Body has sole responsibility for admissions and each year publishes its Admissions Policy which specifies how Governors consider applications for admissions to the school. Before you make an application for the admission of your child, you are strongly advised to consider carefully the current Admissions Policy below. This sets out in detail how Governors manage the admissions process and the order of priority in which applications are considered. An understanding of the policy may assist you in avoiding the disappointment of a failed application.

The Governors’ published admissions policy for entry to the School in September 2017 was the subject of an objection to the Schools’ Adjudicator who has now issued a Determination dated 2 November (which is available on their website at under Publications). The legality of this Determination is now being challenged in the High Court. For the moment, applications should be made under the published policy; we will let you know through the website if the position changes. Whatever the outcome of the legal challenge, we welcome all applications and Catholic families should continue to obtain a Certificate of Catholic Practice from their priest, as required by the policy.

Please note, to enable the Governing Body to have all relevant information before it in order for governors to make an informed decision on whether to offer a place, applicants are asked to complete and submit the following by the 15th January before your child is due to start Reception class:

If applicants do not complete the above forms and return them together will all relevant required paperwork by 15th January the Governing Body will have to consider their application as a late application and it is very unlikely that the candidate will be offered a place.

Further information is contained in the Letter to Reception parents (under documents heading 'Reception Admissions Documents').

Reception Admissions Documents

Surrey Online Application Form,

Certificate of Catholic Practice,

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