Bishop John Wilson Visits Our School!!!

On the Tuesday the 9th of October, Bishop John Wilson came to our school to celebrate Mass with us and bless our statue of the ‘Madonna and Child’ in our Grotto.

Our Mass, which we helped to prepare, was all about the wonders of Creation and reminded us about how we should care for the majestic world God has gifted to us.

After mass we, the Liturgy Leaders and the R.E. Followers, went outside to the peace garden with the Bishop to bless the grotto with holy water using a soup and a sprinkler. Mr McLaren, who designed and helped eco club to plant the plants around the grotto, joined us for the celebration. He even got invited by Bishop Wilson to bless the statue!

All in all, it was an educational, exhilarating and exciting day. The Bishop made us think about our relationship with God and how lucky we are to have such an incredible school!

Written by: Thomas McCarthy, Ella McCarthy, Grace Lucas, James Mostyn and Isabella Abbey.

St Michaels Catholic Primary School Liturgy Leaders.


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