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Opal Play project is back and better than ever!]]>
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Term Dates 2018/19

Take a look at our Term Dates calendar for 2018/19. ]]>
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Nursery Open Morning

Our Nursery open morning is this Thursday (19th April 2018).]]>
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Calendar for Lent 2018

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12th January 2018 | Newsletter 8

Dear Parents, Happy New Year! I do hope you enjoyed a good Christmas. It was lovely to welcome the children back last week, full of energy and ready for a new term. Since they have returned, we have been focusing our assemblies on the Epiphany and the theme of Hope. As we start a new year, we often reflect on the year passed and look to the future, setting resolutions and making plans. As the children do the same, I wanted them to think positively and realise that, with God at their side, their true hopes can become a reality if they set realistic goals and work hard to achieve them. When we read the news headlines, it is hard to find much sign of hope in the world at the moment but one of the joys of working with children is that they are infectiously hopeful, joyful and positive. Monsignor Overton celebrated mass on Tuesday to welcome the new year in with the children and our Reception children joined us for the first time. It was a lovely service led by year 5 and the Reception Children participated very well. ]]>
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Reception Admissions

We are a Voluntary Aided Catholic school graded as outstanding by both OFSTED and the Diocese of Westminster. Demand for places is very high and means that we are unable to accommodate every child that applies. Whilst we welcome applications for admission from all faiths and no faiths, it is fair to point out that we are usually oversubscribed by Catholic children and so it is very unlikely that a non-Catholic child will be offered a place.]]>
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Admissions Consultation 2019

The Governing Body of St Michael Catholic Primary School is currently determining proposed admission arrangements for September 2019. In accordance with the revised School Admissions Code and the School Admissions (Admission Arrangements and Co-ordination of Admission Arrangements) (England) Regulations 2014, we are required to consult on these arrangements.]]>
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As well as raising vitally needed funds for St Michael Catholic Primary School & Nursery, it also helps the environment by helping to divert unwanted textiles away from landfill. A recent DEFRA report has shown that textile collection schemes are helping to reduce the volume of textiles discarded as municipal solid waste. However it is a fact that as a nation we still send 350,000 tonnes of textiles to landfill every year. ]]>
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8th December 2017 | Newsletter 7

Headteacher’s Update Dear Parents, Wasn't the Christmas Fayre fantastic? It was great to see so many families there to enjoy the day. We managed to raise a massive £5,150 for the PTA through the fayre, bauble sales and raffle, which is the largest total we have managed in many years. Added to this, we raised £860 from the Christmas card sales. This success was only possible because of the many months of preparation by the PTA and all of the volunteers that helped. Thank you very much for all your donations and your support. We are currently seeking planning permission for our Talking Treetops play structure so, all being well, the funds will go towards this project and it can be built before the end of the school year. As a little thank you to the children, we have used some of the PTA funds to buy a cracker each for the Christmas meal and a special Christmas bookmark as a keepsake. These will be sent home shortly]]>
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CHRISTMAS FAYRE Saturday 2nd December, 11am—3pm

CHRISTMAS FAYRE Saturday 2nd December, 11am—3pm There will be bags of Christmas cheer at the Fayre. £1 entry, kids free. Face painting, shopping, raffle, food, drinks, school choir, Santa’s grotto, lots of FAMILY FUN!! ]]>
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24th November 2017 | Newsletter

Dear Parents, thank you for attending the parents' meetings last week. I hope that both you and the children found the feedback beneficial. Most of you will have completed our parent surveys already, whether online or on paper last week. If you have yet to do so, please could you take 5 minutes to complete them over the weekend by clicking the link here. The surveys will close early next week and it is very important that we have as many responses as possible. ]]>
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Advent and Christmas Calendar 2017

Click here to have a look at the Walk with Me Advent and Christmas Calendar 2017.]]>
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10th November 2017 | Newsletter 5

Dear Parents, I have had the pleasure of spending lots of time in the classrooms over the last fortnight observing the teaching and learning across the school. As always, it has been a privilege to spend time with the children in lessons, seeing how hard they work and how much they are enjoying their learning. There is a real sense of excitement in lessons thanks to the creativity of the teachers and the enthusiasm of the pupils. One feeds off the other and means that the children are engaged, challenged and are making great progress. None of this can happen without a lot of hard work - thank you to the teachers and teaching assistants that are so dedicated. We welcomed Dr Wayne Tennent back to the school this week. Wayne has worked with the school over the last 14 months to help us revise and improve the teaching and learning of reading. Reading has always been a strength of the school but we always strive to improve our practice so it has been fantastic to work with a real expert in the field. Wayne is a Senior Lecturer at the University of East London and has led some innovative research projects and written two books on the teaching of Reading. I invited Wayne back to help me assess the teaching and learning of reading and it was very nice to hear his positive feedback. He was so impressed that he has said he will be recommending other schools come and observe our teachers and will be returning himself to record a lesson as a case study for his further research. Please chat to your children about their reading lessons. Hopefully they will tell you that they enjoy them! The ‘reciprocal reading’ approach that we are embedding involves lots of skilfully planned discussions based around carefully selected texts that allow the children to explore the key comprehension skills verbally as well as having the opportunity to record their ideas in writing, drawing, drama etc. It is a very exciting project! ]]>
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Children in Need Spotacular Mufti Day: Friday, 17th November

On Friday, 17th November we held a mufti day where the children were able to come to school in their own clothes. This year the theme was ‘spotacular’ so they could wear something spotty, and they did us proud! We raised over £400 which is fantastic and will be donated directly to Children in need. Thank you to all the Parents and Carers for your support, and of course to the children for joining in and supporting a great cause!]]>
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20th October 2017 | Newsletter 4

Headteacher’s Update Dear Parents, it seems a long time ago since our Curriculum Workshops, so much happens in a few weeks! I do hope you found the workshops informative and helpful. In case you missed the parentmail last week, the powerpoint slides can be found here for your future reference. As you know we received the terrible news that Ann Cordery, one of our Teaching Assistants and former parents, passed away at the beginning of last week. Our thoughts and prayers remain with her family and friends. I have already shared the details of her funeral via parentmail, which takes place on Monday at 10.30am at St Michael’s Church. Thank you to those of you that have contributed to the collection for The Infusion Suite at Ashford Hospital, where Ann was cared for. If you would like to contribute, you are welcome to, we have a collection box at the Front Desk. Although the staff are very sad to have lost Ann, one of the good things about working at St. Michael’s is that the joy of the children is infectious so we are able to remain positive and reflect on the good times we shared with Ann. We all have very fond memories and it has been therapeutic to share them with each other these last few weeks.]]>
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6th October 2017 | Newsletter 3

Headteacher’s Update Dear Parents, our annual mass for the feast of Saint Michael was a lovely celebration last week. It gave us the chance to come together as a school for the first time this year to pray for God’s blessing on our school community. Thank you Monsignor Jim and to those of you that managed to join us. It was lovely to see some of you at the coffee morning earlier this week, especially the parents of children that have just joined the school. It provided an opportunity to meet other parents and begin to feel part of our school community. Next time around, it would be good for even more of you to join us so we will make sure the date is advertised well in advanced.]]>
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22nd September 2017 | Newsletter 2

Headteacher’s Update Dear Parents, we have had an excellent start to the year. Our new Nursery and Reception children have now all begun and are quickly settling into life at Saint Michael’s. It has been a joy to see a new generation of pupils begin their school journey with such innocence, enthusiasm and curiosity. I can only hope our new pupils grow up to be as wonderful as the Year 5 group that I spent most of this week with at our residential trip to PGL. They were fantastic! It was amazing to see so many of them achieving goals they would never have thought possible, from abseiling to jumping from a wobbly telegraph pole onto a trapeze! For some of the children, the biggest achievement was spending two nights away from home for the first time. Each of them enjoyed the experience and each of them gained a little more independence, resilience and maturity. Thank you to all the staff that gave up their own time to look after the children and apologies to the Year 5 parents for the muddy bag of clothes that have been returned to you!!]]>
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Open Mornings for 2018 Reception Intake

We will be holding two open mornings for the parents of children wishing to apply for our Reception classes in September 2018. These will take place on Tuesday, 28th November and Thursday, 30th November at 9.30am. Mr Lane will make a presentation, which will be followed by a short, pupil-led, tour of the school. Please pass the information on to any parents that may be interested. ]]>
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8th September 2017 | Newsletter 1

Headteacher’s Update Dear Parents, Welcome back! I hope that you were able to enjoy a good summer. It was lovely to welcome the children back to school this week. During the summer we found out that our Talking Treetops project won the TESCO Bags of Help grant. This means we will be given £4,000 towards the project, which we will begin to plan shortly. Our Break Bus project was also open for votes in store during the summer holidays. We haven’t heard about the outcome of that yet but we will let you know. Thank you once again for your support and your votes! The children have settled well into their new classes this week and have spent most of their time getting to know their new teachers and new classmates. In assemblies this week, Miss Knipe and I have focussed on gospel stories that teach us about friendship and how we can follow Jesus’ example by giving others a fresh start. You will have noticed that we have a new School Crossing Patrol Officer, Mr McLaren. As always, can I ask that you give him your full cooperation by following his guidance to cross the road safely with the children. Please ensure you only cross Feltham Hill Road where he stands.]]>
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14 7 17 Newsletter 19

Dear Parents, It’s hard to believe we are almost at the end of the year but here we are with only one week to go! I am very pleased to share a summary of our statutory assessment results this year (attached). These include the end of Reception judgement of a ‘Good Level of Development’, the Phonics Screening, Year 2 SATs and Year 6 SATs. Please have a look at the summary, which will also be uploaded to our website. Some of the national averages and progress scores have not yet been released but you can see that, once again, our children have exceeded national levels of attainment. Some points to note are: The ‘Good Level of Development’ at the end of Reception is, once again, well above the national average; the phonics screening pass rate is 97%. This is equal to last years’ results, which placed us in the top 8% of all schools, nationally. The Key Stage 1 SATs results are strong once again with another set of high results. The Key Stage 2 SATs results were also very strong this year. The first point to note is that there has been a sharp rise in the national average of 5% in each subject and 8% in the combined pass rate. The proportion of pupils reaching the expected standard, reaching a high standard and our average point scores are improved since last year in Reading, Maths and Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling. The proportion meeting the expected standard in Science is also 91%. We are very confident that our progress scores will be improved on last year but this will not be confirmed until the data release in September. We are extremely proud of these results. Our children have worked incredibly hard over many years to achieve them and so have the staff and parents. It is extremely reassuring to know that our children are being so well educated at Saint Michael’s. Well done us! ]]>
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