School to School Support

Saint Michael’s has been a long standing member of Spelthorne Schools Together (SST). SST is a confederation of 26 schools in the borough. The confederation works for the benefit of local children and young people. Together with local partners, the SST run projects that enhance educational achievement, and strive to remove barriers to education. The members include both primary and secondary schools, and one member special school. The projects span across the borough and help schools share training and resources to ensure value for money. Information is shared through regular meetings, networks and bulletins.

We have also established a loose collaboration with local Catholic primary schools and our local Catholic secondary school. These schools are Saint Lawrence Catholic Primary School, Saint Ignatius Catholic Primary School, Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Primary School and Saint Paul’s Catholic College.

Our missions is ‘to work together to better serve the needs of all the children in our Catholic school communities, with improvement in standards at the heart of our work.’

We have embarked on a number of projects to improve transition between primary and secondary school and develop consistency in teaching methods in Maths and English.