Pupil Voice

We have a Pupil Voice Board on our main corridor which celebrates our achievements such as our charity work and reminds us of who our school leaders are. We can also write some prayerful intentions for Mr Lane to share at assembly.


Each week we have a ‘Celebration Assembly’. The teachers choose some work to celebrate our achievements or show the rest of the school how hard we have tried. Every term we also receive special certificates to award our attendance, our consideration for others and consistent effort. There is also an award for Star Players and a special Headteacher’s Award to recognise children that have consistently demonstrated of one of our Catholic virtues.

Pupil Surveys

Twice a year, we complete two surveys so the teachers know how we feel about school life.

In the general Pupil Survey, we are asked to read a number of statements select one of the following answers:

  • All of the time
  • Most of the time
  • Sometimes
  • Never:

The statements are:

  • I am happy to come to school
  • I learn a lot in lessons
  • I know what to do in lessons
  • The school helps me to do as well as I can
  • I know how well I am doing at school
  • Adults in school explain to me how to improve my work
  • Teaching at this school is good
  • Teaching at this school helps me develop skills in communication, reading, writing and mathematics
  • Behaviour is good in my school
  • Behaviour is good in lessons
  • The school deals with all types of bullying very well
  • If I have a problem, I can ask an adult for help
  • I feel safe when I am on the playground
  • I feel safe when I am inside the school building

In the Religious Education Survey, the statements are:

  • I enjoy praying with my class and the school
  • I enjoy praying silently
  • I enjoy singing and listening to hymns
  • I learn a lot in the Gospel assemblies
  • I enjoy the Gospel assemblies
  • I learn a lot in R.E. lessons
  • I enjoy R.E. lessons
  • I care for others
  • I use the Pupil Voice Board
  • I go to Mass
  • I live the Gospel message inside and outside of school
  • My school helps my Catholic faith grow stronger

Latest Survey Results

The results of the last surveys are available below:

We were very proud that our children responded so positively to the surveys and agree that St Michael’s is a happy and safe place where children behave well and learn well!

Any concerning responses have been followed up by the teachers.