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Dear Parents, It’s hard to believe we are almost at the end of the year but here we are with only one week to go! I am very pleased to share a summary of our statutory assessment results this year (attached). These

include the end of Reception judgement of a ‘Good Level of Development’, the Phonics Screening, Year 2 SATs and Year 6 SATs. Please have a look at the summary, which will also be uploaded to our website. Some of the national averages and progress scores have not yet been released but you can see that, once again, our children have exceeded national levels of attainment.

Some points to note are: The ‘Good Level of Development’ at the end of Reception is, once again, well above the national average; the phonics screening pass rate is 97%. This is equal to last years’ results, which placed us in the top 8% of all schools, nationally. The Key Stage 1 SATs results are strong once again with another set of high results. The Key Stage 2 SATs results were also very strong this year. The first point to note is that there has been a sharp rise in the national average of 5% in each subject and 8% in the combined pass rate. The proportion of pupils reaching the expected standard, reaching a high standard and our average point scores are improved since last year in Reading, Maths and Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling. The proportion meeting the expected standard in Science is also 91%. We are very confident that our progress scores will be improved on last year but this will not be confirmed until the data release in September.

We are extremely proud of these results. Our children have worked incredibly hard over many years to achieve them and so have the staff and parents. It is extremely reassuring to know that our children are being so well educated at Saint Michael’s. Well done us!

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