16th November 2018 | Newsletter 6

Headteacher’s Update

Dear Parents, thank you for attending the parent meetings this week. I hope you found the

feedback useful and you have a clear understanding of the progress your child has made so far this year. The teachers very much appreciate your attendance and your ongoing support. Many of you took the opportunity to complete the current parent survey but if you didn’t, please could I ask you to do so this weekend. As always your views are very important to us. Your feedback is always

analysed by the schools leadership team and governors. The parent survey combines OFSTED’s parentview questions and the Diocese of Westminster’s parent questionnaire. There is also a

separate nursery survey for parents of our nursery children.

The children have had a very exciting time at school this week. On Wednesday, they all visited a mobile planetarium, which was set up in the hall to provide an immersive experience. Each year group learned about an aspect of space to support the current topic. This ranged from learning about the different planets in our solar system, the constellations and a virtual tour of the

International Space Station. It was an incredible experience for the pupils, which they thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you for your £1 contributions.

Thank you once again for your donations today. If you have any more gifts for the Christmas Fayre gift stall, please send them in on Monday. We also need lots of Christmas wrapping paper if you have any spare.

The children also completed their Spellathon this week. They managed to raise lots of money for Children in Need and learned to spell some of the key words from the national curriculum—win, win! These are often ‘common exception’ words, which children will need to learn over the year. These common exception words or ‘tricky words’ are often difficult to spell because they do not always follow the phonic code or usual spelling rules. Even though the Spellathon is over, please continue to practise these spellings regularly so your child masters them by the end of the year and is able to use them correctly in their writing.

If you have put your name down to volunteer at school this year, you should have received a parentmail inviting you to attend a safeguarding training session on the 28th November at either 2.45pm or 6pm. It is very important that you attend even if you attended last year, as Safeguarding legislation has changed since then. Also on the 28th, we will be holding a talk for parents on online safety at 6.30pm, which will be led by Teresa Hughes on how we can keep our children safe online. I would highly recommend that you attend if possible. Teresa Hughes is a vastly experienced,

former police officer who now focusses her work on how to prevent children and young adults from

endangering themselves online. Some of the content will only be suitable for adults to hear so it is strictly for parents only.

As you will see below, we will be holding Open Mornings for parents wishing to apply for their

children to join Reception class next year. These will begin at 9.30am on Tuesday and Thursday and it is preferable if only parents attend. I will share details of the admissions policy and process and talk about the school. Some of our pupils will then lead tours. Mr Lane

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