6th October 2017 | Newsletter 3

Headteacher’s Update

Dear Parents, our annual mass for the feast of Saint Michael was a lovely celebration last week. It gave us the chance to come together as a school for the first time this year to pray for God’s blessing on our school community. Thank you Monsignor Jim and to those of you that managed to join us.

It was lovely to see some of you at the coffee morning earlier this week, especially the parents of children that have just joined the school. It provided an opportunity to meet other parents and begin to feel part of our school community. Next time around, it would be good for even more of you to join us so we will make sure the date is advertised well in advanced.

The staff spent Wednesday evening looking through the children’s class books across the range of

subjects in every year group. We do this each half-term so that subject leaders gain an overview of the learning in their subject across the school and the progress the children are making in lessons. It is also a chance for us to check that the high standards we expect of pupils and teachers are being maintained. I am pleased to report that the standard of children’s work is excellent and it is worth appreciating the amount of hard work our teachers put into marking each piece of work and providing feedback to the children to ensure they make progress.

I want to encourage you all to attend the Curriculum Workshop for you child’s year group next Tuesday evening. These workshops will provide you with some very important information on our approaches to teaching and learning and advice on how you can best support your child at home. We are very aware that time is precious so we try to pack a lot into each session! The timetable is included on the left of this page. Each presentation will be tailored by the teachers so that it is pertinent to your child’s year group but I will talk to you about our school curriculum, our focus on a ’growth mindset’, how we assess

children’s work and provide feedback as well as homework. Miss Knipe will talk to you briefly about our updated Relationships and Sex Education Curriculum before the class teachers will explain the class

timetables, curriculum coverage, their current focus and their expectation for class work and homework. Along the way, we will also talk to you about initiatives such as numicon. At the very end of the Year 5&6 presentation, we will talk to Year 6 parents about this year’s SATs and the Isle of Wight residential—lots to squeeze in but it will save you another evening out!

Also, some good news on health and safety. We have purchased a defibrillator to have on site should we need it in an emergency and, following new legislation, we are in the process of purchasing spare auto-injectors for those children that are at risk of anaphylaxis. Hopefully we will never need to use either but it is reassuring to know we are covered for a worst case scenario. Take care, Mr Lane

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