8th September 2017 | Newsletter 1

Headteacher’s Update

Dear Parents, Welcome back! I hope that you were able to enjoy a good summer. It was lovely to welcome the children back to school this week. During the summer we found out that our Talking Treetops project won the TESCO Bags of Help grant. This means we will be given £4,000 towards the project, which we will begin to plan shortly. Our Break Bus project was also open for votes in store during the summer holidays. We haven’t heard about the outcome of that yet but we will let you know. Thank you once again for your support and your votes!

The children have settled well into their new classes this week and have spent most of their time getting to know their new teachers and new classmates. In assemblies this week, Miss Knipe and I have focussed on

gospel stories that teach us about friendship and how we can follow Jesus’ example by giving others a fresh start.

You will have noticed that we have a new School Crossing Patrol Officer, Mr McLaren. As always, can I ask that you give him your full cooperation by following his guidance to cross the road safely with the children. Please ensure you only cross Feltham Hill Road where he stands.

In the coming weeks, you will receive a pack from the school containing a number of forms that we need you to complete to update our school records. This includes contact information, details on collection

arrangements, permissions for taking and sharing photographs, information on how to contribute to the School Building Fund and a new form for parents that would like to volunteer at school. Please complete this if you would like to volunteer your time to help on school trips or to support children in school. You will need to have a DBS check to do this and agree to adhere to the Parent Volunteer Policy now available on the school website. We will also ask those that are interested to complete a very short training session to discuss the expectations of volunteers. Please note, in future, we will only select volunteers from this list.

We have also updated our Homework Policy , which is available on the website and your child’s specific time-table should be outlined in their Homework Diary. The main change to the timetable is for Years 3-6, where we have organised the deadlines for homework so that the children will have at least two consecutive weekday evenings to complete their homework to allow a degree of flexibility to work around other activities the chil-dren may take part in. I hope that this makes life a little more manageable for the children and for you.

As you will be aware, we place a big emphasis on reading for pleasure at St. Michael’s. Once your child is a ‘free reader’ (usually by the time they reach Year 3), we would like to encourage them to have one reading book that they bring from home to school and back instead of having a book at school and a separate book at home. It seems to make more sense for them to read one book at a time and will allow teachers and parents to help the children develop their reading together. If your child has a reading book at home, please arrange for them to bring it into school each day to carry on reading at school when they have the opportunity. We will, of course, arrange for children that do not have a book from home to choose one from our school library but we would like to give the children the ability to choose their own books from home if they like.

We have lots of exciting developments to our curriculum planned for the year which we will inform you about as we go but at the start of the year, we are encouraging the children to continue to ‘start as they mean to go on’ by always trying their very best with their work, setting themselves challenging goals for the year and en-suring they remember to be kind, respectful and well behaved. I am very much looking forward to the year ahead and continuing to work in partnership with you so that our children flourish. Mr Lane

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