Newsletter 22 2015/16

Headteacher’s Update

We definitely have a nursery! Our first ever class of nursery children began on Monday and we were delighted to see how well they settled in. By Wednesday lunchtime there were a few tears and many tired faces (that was just the staff!) but lots of smiles and excitement after completing their first week. This week I have been told by the staff that I have been hard to track down — it’s because I’ve been in the nursery so much — I can’t help but pop in and see how they are getting on! You may also be keen to pop in and see the nursery. After all, it be-longs to the whole school community and you were so generous in helping resource it. We would therefore like to open the doors for any parents interested in simply looking around be-fore the end of the school day next Wednesday. From 2.45, Mrs Tillotson will be available in the nursery to show you around and thank you for your support. There will be no children in the nursery at that point! If you are interested in applying for your 2 year old (FEET Funded) or 3 year old to join the nursery in September, please attend our open day on the 15th April at 9.30am. More details on nursery admissions are available on the web-site.

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