Newsletter 27 2015/16

We officially launched our play project this week. The children were given an extended playtime on Magic Monday to allow them to explore all of the new resources. They wasted no time in building dens and tyre swings, dressing up, playing in our new sand trays, listening to music, drawing on our new giant chalkboards and pulling each other around in the storage boxes! There is also an Arts and Crafts room open during lunchtimes. They had a fantastic time and we have rolled out this approach each day to fully embed it. Please see the gallery on the website for more pictures of 'Magic Monday'. We have already seen less accidents and lots more collaborative and imaginative play between children of all ages. Of course, despite our supervision, accidents will still happen but we are spending a lot of time teaching the children how to self evaluate and man-age risk effectively to minimise the risk and develop their awareness of one another. They will need these skills for life and, of course, when using tyres, planks and piping to play with! This is only the beginning of our play project and we hope to use PTA funds and charity funding to devel-op the school grounds in the future so that we can offer a range of exciting spaces for the children to play. I would like to thank you for your generous donations of resources so far - please keep them coming! I will, of course, keep you informed of developments as will the children I'm sure. I would also like to invite you to come an see playtimes for yourself on Friday, 17th June. From 2pm, we would like you to come and play with the children for half an hour and then Michael Fol-lett will lead a presentation on the project in the hall from 2.30pm.

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