Newsletter 28

Dear parents, Bob popped in to school earlier this week to see me. He is recovering from a fall, in which he injured his leg. He is mobile now and feels much better than he did and I wished him a speedy recovery on all our behalf. However, I am sad to inform you that he has decided that now is the right time to end his service as our lollipop man. Bob feels that his leg will not recover well enough to allow him to continue. We will all be terribly sad to see him leave as he has done such a fantastic job for the last 17 years. During that time he has become a cornerstone of our school community and served our families with dedication and true care. I think we can all agree that the job is a very difficult one at times but Bob always managed to do it well because he understood that the children's safety was his priority. He told me that he loved every minute of his time as lollipop man and will sorely miss his daily chats with the children and parents. I made him promise to pop into school whenever he can to keep in touch. He also requested that we do not give him any gifts or leaving presents as he had received so many lovely gifts for his 90th birthday recently. Sorry Bob, we are going to ignore that request! Instead, we will arrange a collection and give Bob and his wife Joyce a gift from the parents and staff of our school. If you would like to contribute to our joint gift, please put some money in an envelope clearly marked 'Bob's gift' and for the attention of Mrs Rielly and either pop to the Front Desk to hand it in yourself or send it in with your child and ask them to drop it to the Front Desk. Please make your donation by Monday, 16th of May. We will then choose how to best use the fund. We have arranged for an assembly at 9.20 am on Wednesday, 25th May to allow the children to say goodbye to Bob. Parents are also invited to join us for the assembly and a little celebration afterwards, so you can also say goodbye to Bob personally.

I am sure you will keep Bob in your prayers as he recovers but could I also ask you to keep our Year 6 children in your prayers next week as they take their SATs tests. The children have worked extremely hard in preparation and we are very proud of them. Good luck Year 6! Mr Lane

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