Spelthorne Schools Quiz

On Friday the school council went to the council offices in Knowle Green, where we participated in general knowledge quiz. At the start of the visit we had a discussion about education from someone who was from the parliament. We learnt about the palace of Westminister and the two houses :the of commons and the house of lords. We met the mayor of Spelthorne and done a quiz in the council chambers, where we met Jean Pinkerton AKA the mayor.

When we participated in the quiz we were given different sets of questions such as mental maths and history. We were very nervous but excited to get on with it. We placed 2nd with only 3 wrong, after the quiz we had a Q and A session with the mayor herself and found out interesting facts such as they had a long pocket inside their robes were they would deter thieves with a smack on there head. As well as all of this we found out that you can only be mayor for one year. We had a lovely time and we hope to visit it again.

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