Supporting Your Child’s Education

We recognise that parents are the primary educators of their child so we have an approach to Home Learning that allows parents to support the curriculum each week.

Children should read with an adult every night and record how many pages they have read in their Reading Record. The adult should then comment and sign.

Home Learning is set on Thursday and due on Tuesday. We set Maths Homework online using the MyMaths website and set RE, Comprehension and Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling written tasks in a workbook.

Presentation of home learning should be of the highest standard and children should try to complete their tasks as independently as possible.

Please see below for further resources to support your child’s education at home.

Growth Mindset

Parent Workshops

The following presentations, which were shared with you during our Curriculum Evening, will also offer some useful guidance on the new expectations of how you can support your child's learning at home.

Tea with the teacher


Mathematics Support

Mathematics Support Websites

Here is a list of websites that you could use to support your child at home. Many cover lots of the curriculum activities that will be covered in class throughout the year. Your child may be familiar with some of the activities as we use them as starters in our maths lessons as an interactive resource.


Download How to Support your Child at Home