We have high expectations for our pupils in all aspects of school life, including the uniform they wear to school. We have a strict uniform policy and insist that it is followed.

We are delighted to be working with SANCO as our partner supplier for the provision of school uniform and PE kit. SANCO are able to offer a personalised service at their Hounslow based store as well as an on-line service. Please click the link below to order online or the uniform stocklist on this page for details of the store and the price list.


We also keep a sample of our items of uniform at school if you would like to try on different sizes before ordering online. Please ask at the front desk, if you would like to do this.

Nursery Uniform

The children in the Nursery will be required to wear the school’s yellow polo shirt and the school’s nursery sweatshirt. They will also need to use the school’s green PE bag for a change of clothes, rain jacket etc. All of these items need to be purchased from SANCO.

Please ensure that all uniform is marked with your child’s name.

Children in the nursery will be able to wear their own footwear, tracksuit bottoms, leggings etc. and their own weather appropriate coats.

Girls' and Boys' Yellow logo polo shirt
Green logo crewneck sweatshirt

Reception to Year 6 Uniform

All children are required to wear the full school uniform, as outlined below, including the appropriate footwear such as black shoes (not boots). For health and safety reasons, children must have plimsolls to wear around the school building and for PE lessons.

All children must have a St Michael’s school bag. No other school bags are permitted. Reception and Year 1 should have a school book bag (available through the school); Year 2, 3 and Year 4 pupils should have the school satchel; Years 5 and 6 pupils should have a school satchel or a school ruck sack.

We have a school winter coat, which all children should wear. We also have a summer cap and a winter hat, which are optional parts of the uniform but the only caps or hats permitted to be worn.

Please note that sports socks (trainer socks), make-up, nail varnish, jewellery and hair products are not a valid part of the school uniform. Boys are not permitted to wear earrings, girls may do so but they must be small, plain metal studs. Please note, that oversized or coloured hair accessories are not permitted. A simple green or hair coloured hairband will suffice and plain hairclips if needed. Boys should not have shaved lines in their hair.

Boys’ Winter Uniform
White shirt
Bottle green V-neck jumper with logo
Grey trousers – long or short
School tie
Grey socks
Bottle green school coat
Boys’ Summer Uniform
Short sleeved white shirt – no T-shirts
Grey trousers – long or short
School tie
Grey socks
Girls’ Winter Uniform
Grey tunic or skirt (knee length)
White blouse (button to neck)
Bottle green V-neck jumper with logo
School tie
White socks
Grey or green tights
Green school coat
Girls’ Summer UniformGreen and white check dress
White socks
Girls’ and Boys’ PE UniformYellow logo polo shirt
Green logo shorts
Bottle green sweatshirt
Bottle green jogging bottoms
White socks
Black plimsolls
Summer cap (only cap permitted)Green logo cap
WINTER HAT *only the school winter hat will be
permitted to be worn from September 2016
Green logo winter hat