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Parent Surveys

We undertake surveys twice a year to gather feedback from parents, pupils and staff on key aspects of the school.

The parent survey uses the same questions as OFSTED’s Parentview, which can be accessed via the link on this page. The parent survey for Religious Education and the Catholic life of the school uses questions set by the Diocese of Westminster.

Please find the results of the latest parent surveys below. You will see that we receive a very high response rate and the results are overwhelmingly positive. We value the feedback given and use it to continually improve our school.

Please remember that if you do have any individual concerns or suggestions on how the school might improve even further, you are encouraged to discuss them with the headteacher.

Leading Parent Partnership Award

In November 2015, we were reassessed and once again awarded the Gold Standard Leading Parent Partnership Award (LPPA). The award is for: encouraging the use of a wide range of communication strategies; from the traditional newsletter to the use of texting, email; giving guidance for simple but creative ways of providing curriculum information and practical advice that will enable parents and carers to support their children’s learning; developing joint parent and child enrichment activities, so that parents, carers and their children can enjoy learning together and developing effective management strategies to build a sustainable approach to parent partnership across the school.

LPPA Reassessment Report

Our Parent Survey questions are the same as used by OFSTED’s ParentView. The link is below.

Ofsted - Parentview